Ithaki survival tool



Ithaki survival tool

Ithaki is a survival tool in the form of a clip. The tool combines a compass, a whistle and a reusable match. This product aims to help you survive in a situation that technology will be useless. A compass is a tool that helps you to find your orientation. It is an element that can help you to read a map and reach your destination. A whistle is a tool that can help in a situation when your life is in danger. The sound of the whistle will give people the ability to detect you when in need. The reusable match is a part of the Ithaki tool that will help you start a fire when wanted.

Why Ithaki?

Ithaki is an island in the Ionian Sea in Greece, which was an important setting in one of the most famous myths of ancient Greece, the Odyssey. The main hero of the story, Odysseus, lived in Ithaki and he was known for his cleverness and cunningness. Odysseus helped his fellow Greeks to win the Trojan War. After the Trojan War, which lasted ten years, it took him another ten years to return home, facing multiple adventures in the process. That is why Ithaki symbolises the urge of survival and the desire of reaching ones destination.


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