Tortoise Pack


Multifunctional portable furniture

Tortoise Pack is a portable multifunctional seating unit for the nomadic lifestyle users. This long-lasting furniture was designed to fulfil the user's needs for an aesthetic and functional piece that they can carry during their journey. Tortoise Pack gives the user the freedom to choose the way of seating by changing the position of the mattress.

Nomadic lifestyle demands furniture that is easy to travel, and that can give them more functions but less space occupation. This project was designed to answer the question "What happens if I stop living a nomadic lifestyle?" by exploring the afterlife of the product and designing expansion kits that can transform it into new pieces of furniture. 

Tortoise Pack is a new product from Skagerak, Denmark. It is a multifunctional portable piece of furniture consisting of two basic structures, a storage box and a comfortable mattress. The primary purpose of this product is to fulfil the user’s need for different types of seating furniture. 

It is designed for nomadic lifestyle users, and it evolves when they stop being nomads. Expansion kits allow it to transform it to a bench or a cabinet. Tortoise pack is a long-lasting piece of furniture that will try to develop emotional attachments with the user for a more sustainable future.

Tortoise Pack is a portable piece of furniture that
• accompanies the users through their life journey.
• enhances product lifespans and thus Emotional Attachment.
• evolves through the life stages of the user’s life.
•is a good answer in the context overconsumption and overproduction.

Assembly instructions

Experimenting with the afterlife of the product and the possibility to expand its longevity, we came out with two basic ideas. 

Tortoise bench uses almost all the parts of the tortoise pack and optionally can buy the stability parts. It is a comfortable bench that one can transform the pack easily.

Tortoise cabinet is a creative idea to transform two tortoise packs into a spacious cabinet. An expansion pack is also sold in order to help the transformation by user self.



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