Food Extrusion by a refined user

Exothitis: greek word of the food extrusion tool. 

‘Food extrusion’ is a process by which a single or set of mixed ingredients are forced through different shaped openings. It is a form of extrusion used in food processing. 

Exothitis is a set of dining tools based on an existing manual meat grinder and a newly designed rotating plate onto which the extruded food is placed. This conceptual project displaces a traditional object by placing it on fine dining tables.

Exothitis aims to involve diners in processing their food and minimize the waiting time in a fine dining restaurant. It allows diners to choose from a selection of ingredients and, through the food extrusion, to dress up their rotating ‘clock-plate’. This process brings more interaction to the dining experience, which starts immediately.

The consumer cannot predict the final appearance of the plate because it depends on the speed of the extrusion and the rotation of the plate, which are both controlled by the diner.


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