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10 Companies that help those in need.

When we renovate and decorate our projects, we always have products from big companies and brands in mind. We thought that this was just a waste of money. What if we could support a company, that helps low-income artisans and people in need from all around the world? In this way we could buy something unique and inspired too. Thus, we made a research in order to find and give you just a small sample of these companies which help you to help them in their dream.

1. People of the Sun

Malawi’s artisans have a centuries-old craft tradition using natural resources and generations of indigenous knowledge. What they don’t have is access to modern design, a platform to sell their products and the knowledge and funds to set themselves up as proper enterprises.

As they say; "We help low-income artisans build sustainable businesses, which will raise their income and standard of living. In turn this will preserve their cultural heritage and ensure indigenous skills survive for the next generation".


2. The Basket Room

The Basket Room creates beautiful collections of handwoven, decorative storage baskets for the home. Woven with stunning colours & unique patterns, we work with small craft collectives in Africa to bring you ethical, stylish accessories with a story.

3. Ten thousand villages

Ten Thousand Villages is more than a store. We're a global maker‑to‑market movement. We're a way for you to shop with intention for ethically-sourced wares- and to share in the joy of connecting with makers in ten thousand villages.

As a pioneer of fair trade, we do business differently, putting people and planet first. That means you can trust that every handmade purchase you make from us directly impacts the life and community of its maker in a developing country.


4. One World fair trade

As they say "We celebrate the contribution and value of all people. We believe in equality and value a workplace free of any form of discrimination. We believe in a safe and healthy workplace, one free of any form of forced or child labor.  We are deeply committed to being fair and responsible in everything we do — socially, economically, and environmentally and we know that the best way to make a difference is to help someone stand on their own two feet."

5. nkuku

At Nkuku, their aim is to make it easy for you to create a home that expresses who you are through our collections of beautifully handmade pieces. They work with artisans all over the world to create individual homewares, using sustainable materials that embrace traditional skills. They celebrate organic beauty and character, so you won't find mass-produced items in our collections.


Owner of SMTNG GOOD, Zydia Botes says; “I wanted every aspect of the project to be Proudly South African, to invest in South African resources and simultaneously contribute to growing the economy”.

7. Swahili African Modern

"Since our earliest days in Kenya, we have expanded our network to Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Uganda, South Sudan, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal. Each of Africa's 54 nations offers a unique array of beautiful crafting traditions, so we're always excited to begin working in a new country!

At Swahili, we believe that adaptation helps traditional African craft forms thrive. Artisans can earn a living from the comfort of home by doing creative work, so they have options beyond seeking work in cities. Through export, skills inherited through generations--sometimes with deep-rooted cultural significance--continue to bring meaning, stability and a sense of pride to entire communities", says in "our story" in their site.

8. Traid Craft Shop

"Traidcraft are proving that once you’re committed to doing trade justly, there’s no going back.They’re the original fair trade pioneers, and will always be at the forefront of this movement."

9. Lalibella

The company.

"Lalibella is a London based company that designs and imports ethical accessories from a handful of countries across Africa. The profits generated from the sale of our products flow directly to our charitable projects in Ethiopia through our non-profit foundation Give a Future. The mission of Lalibella is to make our projects financially sustainable while working with women artisans across the continent to encourage economic growth through business."

10. TK Maxx

Uganda Sustainable Trade Programme.

"Working with over 3000 families, our Sustainable Trade Programme was developed in 2011 to enable parents to increase their incomes so they could afford to send their children to school.

Our aim at TK Maxx is to help parents ensure their children complete primary education. We do this by helping them increase their income from the production and sale of coffee, cocoa, cotton and crafts. We’re proud to be able to sell their products in our stores from award-winning Rwenzori coffee to traditional handmade crafts."

Here are some things that we can all do;

Try and find out where your products come from and buy from truly fair brands that have fair trade principles. Give great advantage to these companies!

Next time choose corectly!

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