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10 Decorating tips for small apartments

Have you just moved to the city from your hometown? You have found a really good job. While searching for somewhere to stay, you realise that small apartments are the only solution. Don't panic! The following steps will help you make the most of your space.

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1. Multi-levels.

Create different levels in order to make more space in your apartment. Create those levels with chairs, sofas and coffee tables and add multiple level decorations.

2. Lighten up.

Use bright and natural colors to make the space more open and friendly.

3. Windows.

Take full advantage of natural lighting. If your space has a window try to use it by creating a seating corner or by keeping your table/office near it.

4. Multifunctionality.

Use the table as an office, the sofa as a bed or even the bed as storage.

5. Dividers.

Divide your bedroom space from the rest of the apartment. It will make your apartment looks bigger.

6. Add storage space.

Create selve-corners, hidden storage under your bed or a bookcase as a divider between the bedroom and the livingroom area.

7. Nestle right up a wall, a modern murphy bed.

If the apartment really lacks bed-space and you don't want to sleep on the couch, find a modern murphy bed and place it against the most stable wall.

8.Hanging closet.

Create a floating closet in order to save some space. Do not overweigh it and try to keep it simple with natural colors.


Placing a mirror across a large light source helps to create a depth effect that makes the whole room appear much bigger. The bigger the mirror the better the result.

10. Welcome spot.

In the entryway use folding shelves or a small bench so that you can sit when entering the house. Keep your most usable belongings there, such as bags and keys.

11. Keep yourself really organized!

Rule number one, in small apartments, is to be organized. Do not decorate your space with lots of small things. Have only the stuff that you really need!


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