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10 interior design trends for 2019

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

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2019 is on going and we have searched for you the top 10 interior design trends! Embrace your inner Interior Designer and adopt some of the advices that are given below.

1. Plants

The bigger, the better. Houseplants are the perfect solution to boost up your mood and your environment. According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, touching and smelling plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress. Be sure to check how much sunlight and water each plant needs. If you usually forget to water your plants, having cactus is one way road for you.

2. Bold colors

Use bold colors to create balance. Always keep in mind the 60/30/10 rule; cover 60 percent of your room with the most neutral shade, 30 percent with the slightly bolder shade, and 10 percent with the boldest shade.

3. One color bathrooms

Choose a color that reflects nicely through metallics and shiny surfaces, as they are totally in style this year. Black is always the happiest color, but don't be afraid of using brighter colors such as green, burnt yellow, purple,orange or pink! Whatever works for you! If you are not so brave just accessorize your bathroom with bright colors.

4. Mid-century furniture

This "70's chic" is what you need! Choose the ones that can be matched with your existing furniture. They add a nostalgic tone and they never go out of style!

5. Dark kitchens

This style adds a symplistic look to the kitchen. It introduces more light as the dark color works as a clear canvas. According to livingetc.com ; "The trends for darker kitchen cabinetry and Scandi noir help to explain the fact that searches for black and navy blue kitchens are up 93% in the past six months, with matt and powdery finishes."

6. Scallops and scales

Inspired by the ocean and everything that lives underwater, scallops and scales are the one trend that helps you explore your femininity. One can find it as tiles, furniture or decorative pieces. We are in love with "Feather occasion chairs" by Bethan Gray for Anthropologie.

7. Velvet Furnishings

It makes your house feel like home! It keeps your space cozy and comfortable but also gives a seductive look.

8. Modern Kilim Rugs

Warm up your house by adding rugs with motives and bright colors. They are everywhere as they give an ethnik style to the space!

9. Decorative Plates

Use them everyday! Do not just let them hang on the wall or stay in the cabinets. Beautiful plates are made to be used and to be noticed!

10. Abstract Art

Use statement art pieces to decorate and level up your space. Imagine having a small installation inspired by Kandinsky, Picasso or Andy Warhol!

By Evangelia Anyfantaki.

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