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5 Ways to keep up with the tropical trend without using plants.

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

The most posted decor trend on instagram for 2019 is the Greenery style. The best way to bring it in your house is by using plants. However, if you feel unable to care for them, I will give you five ways to follow the trend without using plants.

1. Frames: Printed greenery photographs, paintings or actuall leaves can decorate your walls and update your interior.

Find the links here:

1. Botanical drawings

2. DIY pressed leaf frame

3. Scandinavian Style Canvas Poster

4. Tropical Leaf Print

5. Leah Bartholomew

6. Minimal wall art

2. Ceramics: Add ceramic artwork to your space or even better create your own mini-sculpture pieces. You can find a way to make them by yourself from Pinterest.

Find the links here:

1. Green Succulent Ring Holder

2. Small handmade ceramic cactus ornaments


4. DIY Monstera Plates

5. Leaf Print 4 Pack Melamine Dinner Plates

6. Cactus en ceramique

3. Textiles: Use floral patterns to add color to your cushions, curtains, throws or upholstery. There is a big variety of floral patterns, from baroque flowers to modern tropical palm leaves.

Find the links here:

1. Hertex florals

2. Beal cushion covers

3. Tropical bedroom curtains

4. Tropical Bedding

5. Tropical Plants Palm Green Leaf


4. Wallpapers: Don't be afraid of using wall coverings in your space. You can find some masterpieces out there!

1. Tropical Wallpaper

2. Southeast Asian Rainforest Plant Wall Murals

3. The Iconic Original Martinique Wallpaper - Beverly Hills

4. Java Flowers removable wallpaper

5. Mischievous Monkeys, Lush

6. SAVUTI Wallpaper

5. Bold green color: This is the cheapest solution. You can paint a single wall or more, if you dare, in order to 'green things up'! If you are not a green-wall-lover, start by buying green colored furniture.

Find more ideas here:

1,2,3,5. Green bold wall ideas

4. Green Sofa

6. Green chairs

In conclusion, don't be afraid of bringing greenery to your house, because this trend is here to stay!

By Christos Ververis

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