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Crockery on walls

Hanging plates was a traditional way of displaying decorative dinnerware or serve ware and was seen in many cultures, from European to Asian. Centuries ago, elaborate displays of plates in a home was a sign of wealth and high social status.

Hanging plates these days, however, can make a bold statement in a simple way. Whether your tastes are traditional or modern, you can bring an interesting twist to a room through plate display. It is also an effective and often inexpensive way to fill large expanses of blank wall space in an interior, adding texture, dimension, pattern and colour.

Match your decorative plates with cabinets, doorknobs, and furniture hardware. With the wide variety available, you can also tailor them to table lamps and other light fitures. Since wall plates come in all shapes and sizes, you can match them to the curves of your furniture placement. Matching will cleverly enhance featured pieces in a room without distracting from their appeal.

Decorative plates, often taken for granted, are a versatile design element. They can be romantic, sophisticated, sleek or fun. First decide what you need your decorative plates to do for a room and then shop for them as seriously as you would shop for furniture, wall coverings or carpet.

1.Designers' plates


2.Grandma's old crockery

let's search for old masterpieces in our grandma's crockery cupboard

3.Greek traditional ceramic plates

You can find them on any island you are going to visit this summer!

There is a big variety of colors, shapes and sizes.The best choice is geometrical patterns.

4.Thematic design plates

Something with a classic pattern.

Lost Arcadia Caughley Landscape Reverie


From The Deep Side Plate Monochromic Ceramics Tropical leaves

5.Mix & Match

Bazaart Westelm Floral

When you have decided, go for it! Send us pictures of your plate synthesis.

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