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Summer in the city; Transform your balconies.

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, even a small balcony, you owe it to yourself to create an area that is welcoming, inviting, relaxing and generally a great place to spend time on.

Start step by step and adjust our advices to your unique space.

1. Seating

Choose the most appropriate furniture for your needs. For a tiny balcony just use some throw pillows, for a bigger balcony a pair of chairs and for a big outdoor space a small sofa with a couple of armchairs.

2. Tables

Choose a table that you can fold up if you have a small balcony. All you really need is a small cafe table for your cup of coffee in the morning and your glass of wine in the afternoon!

3. Outdoor Rugs

You truly need a rug because you have to ensure that your balcony has one level base. Furthermore, a rug creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

4. Atmospheric lighting

If you are in for late-night hangouts set the mood for evening entertaining. You can achieve it through candles, christmas fairy lights, led lights, outdoor lanterns and efficient solar garden lighting.

5. Green your area

There are so many ideas on how to transform your balcony into a garden-like area. Start by adding some flower pots and wall hanging racks.

There is always space for green!

6. Shadings

Give yourself some privacy. You can find a huge selection of shadings, tents and awning online, to protect you from rain, sun and curiosity.

PS; Remember to mimic your interiors outside as well!

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